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Jos Buttler must stick to his Natural Game

  • Jos Buttler must stick to his Natural Game

Of England's 999 problems that burst onto the scene post the annihilation at the Lord's Cricket Ground, one of the more worrying ones was a cautious, defensive, rather tentative Jos Buttler ever ready to tinker with his own self while trying to be a batsman he isn't.

Since the start of The Ashes, Jos hasn't even been the shadow of "The Jos Buttler", the man who has it all, but is failing to do what brought him into the test set-up in the first place. Often following a precarious approach, poking at deliveries that he generally would thwack, and letting Australia bowl to him as and where they want to, is what has been his tale so far, and quite clearly, that's not working for him, it never would.

Every batsman has his own weak areas where he has this tendency to be in multiple state of minds - whether to play, leave, drive or simply smack. It is that weak area - slightly wide of the off-stump - where just about any delivery has been the undoing of the Lancashire Cricketer and that weakness is making him a different batsman. 

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Obviously, no one is technically perfect, no one at all, but that doesn't mean you must start to be a different player. "Draw Alastair Cook forward and you may have have him", every single Cricketer in the world knows it, but has that stopped the England Captain from scoring 9,000 test runs ( and counting)? No. The reason behind that is his confident state of mind, and certainty, which more often than not makes the bowlers think differently, and being all over the place is what eventuates hence.

Was Vivian Richards totally correct in the terms of technicalities? I doubt it, but did that ever stop him from being the horror of every bowler? Read the West Indian  Cricketing folklores and you'll find the answer. Jos Buttler needs to follow a similar pattern, and be an obdurate - not changing his style of batting, not letting that arrogant swagger disappear from his bat - or risk his career in the white vestitures.

As a matter of fact, this confused approach of Jos' could put him in a situation whereby neither can he defend properly, nor can he attack properly, because the former isn't his thing, and the latter could soon be a skill of his past, a skill he used to excel at.

Forgetting about his weak areas and batting the way he wants to is what is the need of the hour for Jos - England's finest match-winning Cricketer. No one is ordering him to blast his way past a hundred, but what everyone wants to see is Buttler batting with genuine intent, wanting to take the game to the opposition and putting the "half-measures" approach aside. 

Go out to bat, not to loiter around, Mr. Jos Buttler, that is what will make The Mitchells err way too much, and that is what will impart fear into Australia.

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